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Our teams are available 24/7 every day of the year. And they are there for you with any problems you might have. Leave your problems to us and our technicians will solve them for you.


We have a worldwide network of technicians ready to help you, and with activities across Europe we can do so in a highly efficient manner. Contact us for more precise locations for when the need arises.

IT Security

Our expert technicians prevent unauthorized access to your organizational assets and infrastructure with cutting edge strategies and the very best of available tools. Let them help you craft an incident response plan to preemptively mitigate and prevent future problems.

IT Analytics

Proactive analytics predicts future system malfunctions and helps pinpoint previously unknown causes for organizational inefficiencies, and when several root causes are found can help determine and rank their relative importance.

IT Forensic

Our IT Forensics team comprises experts in reviewing data to uncover the truth or, in most cases, valuable mission-critical data lost after an accident or attack. These experts are also particularly valuable to the legal department, as they can find evidence of concerns both inside and outside your organisation.

Cloud & Mobile Security

With efforts to modernize the workplace mobile devices with access to mission critical data are more than a common occurrence, and they are as large a risk as they are a benefit to your employees’ workflow. We can assist in reviewing internal patterns with the end goal of securing and hardening mobile devices such as a lost or stolen one is no longer compromise corporate security of the whole platform.

Ethical hacking

Our certified technicians can help remove threats to corporate security by discovering vulnerabilities from an attacker's POV. The saying “think like a criminal to catch a criminal” applies here, but in this case the hacker works for us.

Protection against cyber attacks

With the ever increasing threat from foreign government agencies, terrorist organizations and hacker groups we can help you secure and harden your infrastructure against attacks from not only the internet but also local ones.