Firewall (UTM)

Our firewalls (UTM) are constantly updated and maintained. With the powerful management tools at your disposal, it is easy to configure them to your exact specifications. Get our help today to protect your business network.


With our antivirus system we offer an endpoint antivirus solution. The antivirus suite is very powerful and resource-saving and has a strong detection rate. This keeps the level of protection high and the application quick and stable.


Our monitoring teams are always available, keeping the NOC lit day and night allowing you to rest easy knowing we will detect, isolate, investigate and solve any and all problems threatening your data and infrastructure.


If the worst come to pass and your corporate infrastructure has been hit with a ransomware attack, our technicians can help you decrypt data, or assist in restoring from backups. You have backups, right?

Data recovery

When data is lost due to flood, fires, drive failure or just accidental deletion of files, our technicians can assist in recovering data. Just remember to unplug the drives immediately to prevent any further corruption.

Cloud backup

According to the saying "Anything not backed up does not exist", backups are important for the security of any company. A broken hard disk, a fire, a flood or the all too common ransomware can severely disrupt the workflow or even bankrupt a company. Storing your business critical data with us prevents all this


Need a new server yesterday? Put a virtual one into operation right now. Our management software allows us to scale it to almost any size and create snapshots on demand on demand, allowing you great flexibility when working with virtual servers.

WiFi site survey

With our site survey software and under our guidance, you can quickly and easily optimize the workday for anyone who uses WiFi in the office. Avoid unnecessary nodes and ensure access from anywhere in the office.

VoIP (3CX)

Stay in touch with colleagues and business partners across locations with this simple yet powerful VoIP solution from 3CX. With telecommuting and web conferencing, you can do more than just voice.